Review: Daughter of Darkness by V. C Andrews


Daughter of Darkness by V.C Andrews

or: *retching noises*

Goodreads   ||  No link for book because I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy

Synopsis: When I was a little girl, Daddy told me never to fear the dark. “We exist because of the darkness,” he told me. “All of you are daughters of darkness.” Beloved bestselling author V.C. Andrews’s passion for vampires comes to spellbinding life in a long-awaited novel of dark desires as all-consuming—and forbidden—as in Flowers in the Attic. One night, with the sound of a young man’s scream, high school senior Lorelei discovers that her stern but loving father, who adopted Lorelei and her sisters as infants, is no ordinary man. He has raised his beautiful girls for one purpose: to lure young men into their world of shadows. Like her sisters, Lorelei has been trained in the art of seduction and warned never to fall in love. But when she meets a handsome and charming classmate, she boldly defies her family and follows her heart—even if love is a poison. . . .Dangerously enticing and deliriously intoxicating, V.C. Andrews’s Daughter of Darkness will leave readers thirsting for more

Excuse me while I saliva vomit and bleach out the contents of my mind.

I abandoned this book on page 64. I just couldn’t force myself to go any further. I’d given up all hope of the book improving 20 pages ago and was so close to hurling the book onto a large fire somewhere.
I was given this book years ago as a gift but it’s stayed on my book shelf ever since. This should have been a sign but I was desperate for something to read while I waited on some ordered books and just thought it would be a quick easy read

I should have left it on my book shelf. What a waste of my time.

This is so dull I can’t bring myself to continue. Lorelei is a whiny little brat and Andrews writing is like a stream of consciousness that has zero direction. The plot moves at a glacial pace because she keeps slipping back into pointless memories. Her characters are dull and are obsessed with their father figure which is both disturbing and unsettling as the premise of the book.

The plot is horrific, the writing style is appalling and I am honestly questioning why they decided to release this book under such an esteemed pen name. I’ve never read Andrews work before, but my mother used to be a cult follower back in the 80s and 90s. I grew up watching my mum devour her books and she said such good things about her writing that I guess I had become blind sided.

Sorry mum but this is the last attempt I’ll make for good ‘ol Andrews.

I gave this book one star on Goodreads. I would have given it none if Goodreads would have had it. I honestly didn’t ever expect to come across something that would rival the disastrous Spellcaster but it seems Gray has finally met her match here.
Trust me, this isn’t worth your time. I rarely abandon books: I stick it out until the end even if it’s horrible. I just can’t with this book


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